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Performances January 26-27, 2018!
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“Sherwood Forest is in danger of being destroyed and it’s up to Robin and his band of dimwitted Merry Men to save the day. When the Sheriff challenges them to a contest to determine the forest’s rightful owner, their skills are put to the test. Unfortunately, archery is only the first round. Robin and his men will also have to win a talent show and a beauty pageant. Will this be the end of Sherwood? Most likely.”

Annie Jr!
Casting Elementary Students K-6th
Auditions January 11-12, 2018
Performances March 2-4, 2018
Audition Packet – Annie Jr.

The Addams Family
Casting MS & HS Students 6th-12th
Auditions February 15-16, 2018
Performances May 4-6, 2018
Audition Packet – Addams Family



Upcoming Audition!

Casting Elementary School
(K-6th) Students

Thu, Jan 11; 6:00-7:30pm (dance)
Fri, Jan 12; 5:30-8:00pm (vocal)
Audition Packet – Annie Jr.



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