Christmas Dance Recital / Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday, December 21, 2019
LifeStage Theatre at Lifesong Studio

Our Christmas Recital is a fun celebration of the holidays and all that our young dancers have accomplished in the fall semester. We have 5 short recitals: 11:00am, 11:45am, 12:30pm, 1:15pm, 2:00pm. Dancers need to check in to Studio B 30 minutes before your scheduled recital time.

Seating is limited ... we can accommodate approximately 180 in each recital. Young children are encouraged to sit in the laps of adults in order to accommodate as many guests as possible. Thank you for being aware of seating capacity when inviting guests.

CLICK ON THE NAME OF YOUR CLASS TO SEE THE DETAILS (costume, instructions, etc.)


11:00AM Recital

BTT2, Thu 4:15pm with Ms Kristen

BTJ, Thu 4:00pm with Ms Alexandra

Boys Hip Hop, Thu 4:00pm with Ms Paige & Ms Brigette


11:45AM Recital

BTT1, Mon 3:30pm with Ms Vicki

BT, Thu 5:15pm with Ms Kristen

BTJ, Thu 5:15pm with Ms Vicki

BTJ, Fri 4:15pm with Ms Paige


12:30PM Recital

Pre-Ballet, Fri 3:45pm & Wed 9:30am with Ms Paige, Ms Maddie, Ms Brigette

BTT2, Wed 11:00am with Ms Paige & Ms Brigette

BTJ, Mon 4:30pm with Ms Vicki


1:15PM Recital

BTT1, Tue 3:45pm with Ms Vicki

BTT2, Tue 3:45pm with Ms Brooke

BTJ, Tue 4:45pm with Ms Jessica


2:00PM Recital

BTT1, Wed 10:00am with Ms Paige & Ms Brigette

BTT1, Wed 4:00pm with Ms Vicki & Ms Brigette

BTJ, Wed 3:45pm with Ms Paige