Theatre Class Showoff / Wed, December 11, 2019

Dear Lifesong Theatre Parents,

It is a JOY and our honor to teach, encourage and hopefully inspire your child in the arts ... thank you for the privilege and thank you for being a part of Lifesong!

On Wednesday December 11, our theatre classes are combining together to "show off" for friends and family. We WILL NOT have our regular theatre classes the week of December 9-11 since we will be "showing off" together on Wednesday the 11th. 

All participating students are asked to wear all black to the showoff. 

IF you are in a dance or musical theatre class, make sure your “black” is something you can dance in.

Following is the schedule for Wednesday, December 11, 2019

5:00pm Showoff
Students need to arrive at 4:30pm ... theatre will open for the audience at 4:45pm.

Keira/Alexa Acting Duet
Musical Theatre, Wed.
3rd-5th Improv
Musical Theatre, Mon.
LifeStage Players

6:15pm Showoff
Students need to arrive at 5:45pm ... theatre will open for the audience at 6pm.

Lauren/Kelley Acting Duet
3rd-5th Jazz
Vocal Technique
3rd-5th Acting 
MS/HS Improv

7:30pm Showoff
Students need to arrive at 7:00pm ... theatre will open for the audience at 7:15pm.

Molly/Emma Acting Duet
MS/HS Jazz
Eleni/Alex Acting Duet
Acting the Song
Arya/Lindsay Acting Duet
Improv Troupe

We WILL have our regular schedule of theatre classes the week following showoffs (Dec 16, 17, 18).

Lifesong will be closed for our Christmas break, December 23 through January 4. We will resume our regular schedule beginning Monday, January 6, 2020. As a reminder, your enrollment continues into our spring semester unless you provide written notice to the front desk before we break. We certainly hope EVERYONE will return for another semester of fun and creative learning in the theatre!

Thank you again for sharing your child with us!
Lifesong Theatre Staff